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About Us

Why ‘Major’ Kim?

In her army career as a Major in the SADF, Major Kim was taught the ultimate meaning of responsibility – responsibility for peoples’ lives. When peoples’ lives are at stake you do the job properly. No short cuts, no cut corners, no leaving things to chance. It’s no different at Major Kim Real Estate. Nothing is left to chance. There is a right way to do things and this is the only way Major Kim knows how. Long standing clients of up to 15 years will attest to this.

Trust, integrity and professionalism

At Major Kim Properties we deal in the business of peoples’ homes – not mere properties. We deal with people not plots of land and buildings. A person’s home (whether bought or renting) is their place of refuge and safe haven. In most peoples’ lives their property is by far their biggest financial investment or expense and it’s also their most important emotionally. We never forget this.

Our years of experience have taught us of the many pit falls that people fall prey to in the business of moving home. Whilst we love what we do we also take it very seriously. There is an extremely important and necessary professional and legal side to the business of property and we are here to guide you through the hoops. It is here that trust, integrity and professionalism are critical and necessary and it is here that you can put your trust in us absolutely.

Doing things the right way

Major Kim has the mandatory MPRE (Master Practitioner Real Estate) which all owners or principals of estate agencies are required to have by 30 June 2015. Major Kim is one of only three full members within the entire Southern Peninsula who is a member of NAMA (National Association of Managing Agents, is a member of REBOSA (Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa) and holds a current FFC (Fidelity Fund Certificate). All of these ensure that Major Kim is always current with property regulations and trends.

All Major Kim agents have the required PPRE (Professional Practitioner in Real Estate) certificates and have all gone through Major Kim’s rigorous training programme.