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I have nothing but great accolades to give to Kim Van Niekerk and her staff at Major Kim in Fish Hoek. Kim’s support to me and my family began many years ago when I had the unfortunate task of having to help my father move out of his home and into a retirement home as he was no longer able to manage on his own.

I did not know what to do until by chance I parked right next to Kim’s office and noticing her sign walked in to her office to ask if I could meet with her. Within a few days, Kim had found wonderful tenants to rent my father’s home. After I had to leave South Africa to return to my home overseas, Kim managed the property in the best way possible from assessing the need for repairs and overseeing our wonderful gardener, ensuring the property was secure, well managed and well maintained.

And then disaster struck, when the house unexpectedly burnt down and Kim was there helping the tenants to find alternative accommodation and working with me by email to address everything that needed doing as a result of the fire from insurance assessments to securing the property from squatters, negotiating with and reassuring our neighbours. She moved all of the furniture that was stored on that property into storage rental and all of the while kept me informed with her upbeat emails and words of wisdom during very stressful times.

My Family owned another property in Simonstown and it was not well managed. Kim came in and recommended sweeping repairs, upgrades with new kitchens and baths. She found the contractors that worked on the renovations and kept everything within a very tight budget, delivering the building fully restored and on time. And after that, she found tenants! That same building has been divided into sections under her oversight and the eight flats have been sold.

I cannot recommend Kim enough for her business strengths, management, attention to detail, experience, organization and her ability to be my best advocate while negotiating with “tough cookies”. She is not only all of these things but has become a friend.

Sarah Ciambrone

For over 12 years Kim and her team have looked after our holiday home in Fish Hoek and prepared it for our visits from the UK. In all our dealings with Kim she has been very professional and efficient, and has displayed exceptional integrity, organisational capability and problem solving skills.

Her warmth of personality and eye for detail have made her the perfect person to take care of our seaside home in our absence. Kim and her team are reasonably priced and great value.

Syd & Jan Neil

My name is Andreas C. Schwab and I was a Trustee of Imperial Court Body Corporate (BC) in Muizenberg from 1999 until 2015.

I was part of the team who appointed Kim Van Niekerk of Major Kim as the managing agent of Imperial Court in September 2007.

During my involvement in the above mentioned BC I have experienced a number of managing agents. The previous ones who presented themselves to us very well and came at a low rate, dropped us without any good reasons given and without any proper handover and only afterwards at the audit did we realised how they had messed up. Also especially when we experienced what Kim did for us were we able to really see how bad they had been.

Kim made all the difference after she was appointed.

Her abilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • a lot of experience and knowledge on the Sectional Title Act
  • keeps herself updated on new sectional title developments
  • has a great office support team
  • supplies monthly up to date statements
  • in depth knowledge on Body Corporate related businesses
  • including dealing with council and council matters
  • building regulations and maintenance
  • advising and taking action on tenant related issues
  • preparations for all BC requirements incl. Meetings, AGM, Financials etc
  • and much more.

During my time she managed to have an undesirable tenant evicted from our building (with the owner residing overseas) where many previous attempts by previous managing agents over many years had failed. These tenants were a big liability to the whole building and. Major Kim was persistent in her approach and using the the legal route and her tenancity, managed to evict these tenants successfully.

After being appointed Kim quickly developed to become a great asset to the Body Corporate.
Especially if one has dealt previously with a number of different so called “Managing Agents” one realises the difference a very good managing Agent makes to the proper running of a Body Corporate.

I have already recommended Kim to some of my neighbours for her services.

Kim is one one of those few people I found over the past years who come with integrity, excellent professional skills, efficiency and commitment.

As a Trustee and owner at the time she made a huge difference.

I can and will recommend her with pleasure to any other Body Corporate or private owners for her services.

I never felt any regret other then that I wished we would have found her many years earlier already.

With kind regards

Andreas C. Schwab
10 Watson Road
Tel: (021) 788 6804

Andreas C. Schwab

Major Kim walks and talks estate agent competency.

For us she’s done EVERYTHING you could think of from an estate agency. From the buying / selling / renting basics, to project managing a million buck build, sectioning multiple units, facilitating a body corporate (registration, agreements, meetings, decisions, secretariat), council negotiations, legal representation on our behalf, sourcing materials, builders and surveyors and managing the threads between. So I can really can testify: all they do is brilliantly done.

Major Kim was my sister’s find, to manage a house rental. Since then she’s managed 10 properties for us. I would recommend her upfront for her presence: for being there, unfailingly, always pitching and never shirking and never missing stuff. Never a call unanswered or returned, never a promise not delivered, never an opportunity missed, never an issue unresolved.

Then there’s the straight talking and honesty, coupled with performance discipline – so that Kim and her team deliver reliable service as a baseline. Kim talks, openly and easily, so you know everyone is going to be involved and up to speed. This is great when you phone her office, because you know the service is continuous across her team. As is their commitment. The business IS the service, I would say, and its personal and intimate and friendly, but also professional. In a seaside suburb, with community networks and family values, this is a great way to do business. It works, because its appropriate for the market. As a result you know the sale or purchase or rent (and the rest!) of your property is perfectly pitched, has integrity and is fair.

When we had a really troublesome issue over access and land usage rights with a neighbour, Kim calmly took the issue off our hands (without us even having to ask her to), negotiated a friendly solution that didn’t antagonise them or infringe on our rights and was clear and easy to understand by everyone. And she buttoned it down with the council as well (again, this was a step beyond!) so there couldn’t be recourse either way. Result? No antagonism, everyone get’s on and we shared the cost of a mutual benefit structural improvement neither could afford on our own. Its a good example of how handling some tenancies extended to real value add. Oh, and she didn’t charge extra – ‘though she should.

I could go on. But I think what I would stress is that (1) the company has all the technical competencies and is registered for all the services that make for a totally comprehensive agency and property management portfolio. BUT (2) they deliver against this corporate standard in the style a local, friendly, community-based operation. They’re a first-name type of business, let’s say, who are smart, on the ball and professional. Its a nice balance to deal with: excellent friends for your house.

Seamus Wilson